The 3 Critical Questions You Must Answer To Get UN-Stuck in Life

(and how to still crush your goals -virus be damned)



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Are you sick and tired of another year passing you by with nothing significant to show for it?

Do you wish you could be more productive and less busy so that you could finally move forward in life and make the struggle all worth it?

What if you could have a real 2020, and not just a 2019 part 2 with the same income, same drama, same stress and same results?

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The Challenge

We're born for greatness.

I get it. I can hear you now. Sounds nice, but that's not reality, Josh!

Who told you that?  I'm going to guess it was your parents, teachers, friends, and society.  You know, the same ones that struggle to hold a job, make enough money, and find their own true happiness.

Well, it's true. We're born with every character trait we need for success.  I've done the research and can say without a doubt that the most successful people in history have the same characteristics of a 2-year old.  

The difference is that while we were taught how to deny our greatness and feel ashamed for thinking we can earn money with it, the successful refuse to accept other peoples' limitations and never learned, like we did, how to fail in life and business.

The good news is that if we can learn how to fail, then we can forget.  If we can give up on our greatness, then we can recapture it (we never lost it, just covered it up!)

What if we can throw away all those old limiting beliefs and rebuild our life and business the right way?  It just take a decision.  Like the one you have right now.

What will you learn?

The foundation to goal crushing

Why we give up on our goals so quickly, leaving us scattered and unhappy the rest of the year and how to stop the downward cycle.

How to create clarity and focus in every aspect of life so that we can turn busy time into productive time, allowing us to be excited to get out of bed each morning.

The mindset of high-achievers and how to instill the seeds of greatness into your own mind and life in order to turn goal setting into goal crushing.

Meet the speaker

Speaker, Author, Poet, Comedian (not the funny kind)

Freedom Fighter and Creator of Broke Is No Joke

Josh Zepess is a Corporate America escapee and reformed engineer who, after 20 years of staring a gray walls and being on his best behavior, decided that his future could no longer be contained within the walls of the cubicle.

As a compulsive creator, he quickly found his passion in speaking and writing, with a flair for subtle satire and witty, yet inappropriate, humor. He’s also been known to act as a poet and comedian (not the funny kind) as he sends a message of Freedom, Social Justice, and Success to those who were told such things aren’t possible.

When he’s not racing obstacle courses, flying airplanes, brewing beer, or speed-eating, he is helping individuals and businesses create and articulate an authentic (brand) identity with clarity and power so that they can attract everything they desire.

He also coaches entrepreneurs on crafting and delivering pitches that punch people in the heart (while hugging them) so that their ideal clients and investors are thirsty to learn more and desperate to take action.

He founded Broke Is No Joke as an Edutainment Platform in 2019 as a way to help people escape the endless, pointless, self-defeating cycle of their personal or business rat race.

His vision is a world free of harmful ignorance where we can and must win together as world citizens through personal free trade, actualization of value, and unstoppable creation.


Josh Zepess

A Quick Word From Josh

It's time to draw a line in the sand.



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Line In The Sand

This is YOUR opportunity to draw a line in the sand and decide no more repeats, no more struggling.

The principles shared go beyond goal setting and into helping you grow as a person.

Personal Growth

You will be given the opportunity to work with Josh 1-on-1 and in a group setting.

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When you move from "wish" to "will", nothing can stop you.

Josh’s enthusiasm and his abrasive honesty rocked me to my core. His tenacity and ability to read through my b*s and call me out when needed or make me stand up for what I truly want was life changing. For the first time in a long time I had someone meeting me at my level and holding me accountable.

Jackie Victoria

Invincible Victoria

I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have met Josh. He has that rare ability to synthesize complex human/personal obstacles and unpack their meaning. He helps you to under the why and the how it impacts and affects you. It’s truly discovering this knowledge within yourself and understanding it, that allows for complete freedom and empowerment. We have a habit of sabotaging ourselves and Josh will help you break those chains.

Peter T. Cook

CEO, Plane It Safe

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